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Glory Days Grill® to Launch Television Commercials

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Fairfax, VA — Northern Virginia based Glory Days Grill, a national restaurant company, recently completed production on a series of televisions commercials set to launch in the Baltimore-DC market in September 2005. The commercials, created for Glory Days Grill by Baltimore-based ad agency, Underground Advertising, and directed by Aaron Ruell, who played Kip and shot the opening credits for the film Napoleon Dynamite, show how even the simplest triumphs can make an otherwise ordinary day a Glory Day.

Under the tagline of "There are days, and there are Glory Days," the commercials highlight the minor achievements of three people. The first commercial, "Badminton," is about a backup badminton player who finally gets his chance to play as the star player goes down injured.

Another, "Initiation," is about a man who gets inducted into an obscure club after successfully demonstrating the secret handshake. And, "Pull-Up," is about a scrawny kid who, surrounded by other students who easily perform multiple pull-ups, successfully completes one after much straining.

"We're very excited about the commercials because they present a good-humored, positive and entertaining message that is completely consistent with the experience we're trying to create in our restaurants" said Jeff Newman, co-founder of Glory Days Grill. "It doesn't take an optimist to realize that most ordinary days have at least one nice thing that happens that could qualify for a Glory Day."

"When we were thinking of ideas for the commercials, we kept finding excuses to go to the restaurant for inspiration. Pretty soon, though, we realized that that feeling itself was something we wanted to capture. A day at Glory Days Grill is just a little nicer than another day," said Eric Hartsock, president and creative director of Underground Advertising.

Glory Days Grill is a sports-themed full-service restaurant with locations in four states and is scheduled to open two additional locations during 2005. During its nine-year history, the concept has been recognized for a variety of charitable contributions and fundraising efforts that benefit local communities.