Tony Cochones

Award Winning Chef

Glory Days Grill award-winning chef Tony Cochones

The Pursuit

It’s all about “the pursuit”, a constant, 39 year plus pursuit of food, beverage, and ingredient knowledge (including organic farming). I am a student of this business and endlessly fascinated by it. Pursuit of methods and systems which supports our guests diverse dining habits that provides transparency and the ability for guests to make informed choices. The pursuit of opportunities for my coworkers to learn, grow, and flourish in this industry.


Respect for our guests which manifests itself in fresh, delicious, uncomplicated, ingredient driven, fairly priced menu items. Pursuit of the intersection of quality and price. I find genuine honor in serving our guests. It’s a lifelong pursuit and I love making people happy. I love it. It’s my second passion after my family.

Example picture of steak dinner by Glory Days Grill's award-winning chef, Tony Cochones

Culinary Achievements

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