Glory Days Grill is a sports themed family-friendly American grill and bar that combines an award-winning menu of freshly prepared appetizers, entrees and sandwiches with entertainment that appeals to all ages.

Each restaurant has an abundance of televisions to watch the big game, news, cartoons or just about anything that's worth watching, along with the latest interactive games.

Glory Days Grill offers a full bar, to go services, catering and banquet/party facilities. Many locations have private rooms and patios available for parties and events. 

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Exterior of a Glory Days Grill Restaurant

A New Restaurant Concept

Jeff Newman, Richard Danker and Robert Garner founded Glory Days Grill. These three restaurant veterans came up with the idea for a neighborhood restaurant that also emphasized the positive attributes of sports. The first one opened in Burke, Virginia on April 16, 1996.

Their goal was to have their neighborhood gathering place quickly evolve into a casual dining, family-oriented restaurant. Countless hours were spent trying out a multitude of food offerings to ensure that nothing would go on the menu that wasn't an "A" item. In addition, the menu features classic American fare that can typically be found only in select cities across America, including "Beef on Weck" from upstate New York, and our Philly Cheesesteak and Chicken Cheesesteak sandwiches. 

The Name

The name "Glory Days Grill" originated from the concept of the "glory days" or "good ol' days" of sports and famous moments in sports history. This is reflected both in the sports-themed memorabilia in our restaurants, as well as the large scale photography of "glory moments" on our walls. When Glory Days Grill was conceived, our founders were soccer moms and football dads like many parents today, and they relished watching their own children play local sports, win trophies, and break records. It's this love of sports, friends and family that we celebrate every day in our restaurants. We strive to make every day a "glory day" for our guests by inviting them to enjoy not only great food and good sports with us, but also bringing their friends and families to Glory Days Grill for those every day celebrations - a winning game, a birthday dinner, or a great report card. 

Every day can be a "glory day" with a winning attitude!

Glory Days Grill employees welcoming diners to the restaurant