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Try our Traditional Chicken Wings, Boneless Wings or Grilled Boneless Wings... tender chunks of skewered, boneless chargrilled chicken.

All wings can be enjoyed with your choice of our freshly prepared, full-flavored signature wing sauces:

  • Bourbon: A sweet, sassy sauce
  • Teriyaki: Terrifically tasting teriyaki sauce
  • Old Bay®: A little heat and soothing buttery seasoning
  • BBQ: Traditional BBQ sauce: Satisfyingly sweet
  • Mild: Classic wing sauce: High flavor, low heat
  • Chipotle BBQ: Our BBQ sauce with a smoky kick
  • Glory Wings® made with Glory Days Grilling Sauce™: BBQ, Honey and Heat
  • Spicy Garlic: Medium wing sauce with lots of fresh garlic
  • Medium: Classic wing sauce: Comfortably hot
  • Hot: Classic wing sauce: High flavor, high heat

Celery and one dressing included with all wing orders.

Some of our food may contain allergens including nuts, soy, seafood, dairy, etc. Except for our gluten-free fryers, all of our fryers cook more than one type of food offering, including seafood and shellfish. If you have any dietary concerns, please notify your server.